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e7te heads 460 050 duration around 220 to to 228 along with a Torker II or Vr Jr as both these intakes flow close to the heads. Make the back of the boss (towards the bowl) taper to a point, like a teardrop. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. 1988 92 F250 F350 460 Efi V8 Cylinder Heads Good Core Rebuilders E7te 6090 Bd. ProMaxx Performance developed/designed this cylinder head from the OE casting E7. After doing some math the cost to build is about half that of the bbc 454. Models: Bronco, Econoline Super Duty, E Series Truck, F Series Truck, LTD Crown Victoria, Mustang. It was at this time that the first gasoline crisis occurred. 030" over and a Comp EFI cam. We took my buddies car to the dyno with both sets of heads, the GT 40's and the E7TE's. 4. Factory EFI systems allowed, OEM cast iron heads only. 800" lift which is really meaningless!!! I would keep what you have and install larger valves with port work. 00; C-460 BBF cylinder heads $8,300. -Head studs: 56 ft/lbs (seems low to me) -Intake bolts: 21 ft-lbs Engine will have E7TE heads, TRW . $939. FORD 460 V8 F3 NEW FULL. 5/12/03 Measuring air flow, Phase 1 added to Projects column 4/21/03 More added to the E7 Part IV article May 12, 2021 · Based on a 1987-to-1993 production truck block, ATK's 502ci Ford 460 big-block crate engine packs quite a punch with 545 hp and 595 lb-ft of torque. Nov 29, 2007 · there might be some confusion coming from this due to the fact that the 460 head casting for the first gen fuelie heads was E7TE, and in 87 ford went to a E7TE casting number on the 351W heads which would in fact have a 1. E. ”. 0 roller These head castings will show up as E7TE, E8TE, and so on, which are basically the D3VE-A casting with engineering revisions designed more for electronic fuel injection and reduced emissions. W/RV camed, D3VE headed, 460/C6 (soon to be 557 CID w/ported police interceptor heads) out of the box BBC headers(with homemade steel adapters) Oct 25, 2000 · F3TE or E7TE heads? 428f-250. 782" intake valve and a 1. E7TE Cylinder Head Specifications E7TE cylinder heads came equipped on all 5. 7cc F3TE are 89. 1-888-920-0052. # 3. basic bolt ons-intake,full exhaust mass air etc thanks for any input ENGINE: YEAR: DESCRIPTION: CASTING # Part # FORD Heavy Duty Truck 8 C ylinder : 330: 64-78: Light duty, 3/8" exhaust valve stem: C4TE: 13308: 330, 361, 391 Oct 25, 2000 · For example the first Pro Stock wedge head back in the early/mid 80's was the A-460, then we had B-460 heads, and by the mid 90's we had the C-460 head, then D-460 and the current NHRA legal Pro Stock head for Ford is the E-460 head. Does anybody know the combustion chamber cc's? The head numbers are E7TE and 8090BD. In the junkyard they are dirt cheap. I can't remember the valve sizes, I think they have 60-61 cc chambers. Jul 13, 2005 · Hey. That's where we are at now. Valve Cover Adaptor Ford Perimeter Bolt 429 460 Cover On Center Bolt Efi Heads. $ 516. 0 ROLLERBLOCK E7TE and 2 E7TE HEADS $175 (Robinsin Twp. the MAJOR diff IS the chambers, the Ps going back to the smaller exhaust valve and the spark plug location!! . turbo2256b wrote: Using the E7s ported this well we usually suggest a cam around . But looking at that link, those heads are NOT windsor. 6. As a direct result, the horsepower of this formerly powerful engine would go from 365 to a paltry range from 208 to 275. " All the same head, but the E6TE has a different size accessory bolt hole on the end, and the F8TE is actually an E6TE that was cast in 1988 for 460 Motorhome applications (since the 1988 F250's went to the E7TE fuel injected cylinder head). What a difference in performance too. 5L V8 EFI ONLY CAST# E7TE / F3TE (CORE RETURN REQUIRED): Cylinder Heads - Amazon. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Feb 10, 2007 · If your 1987 F350 is a fuel injected engine, then I would think that you should have the E7TE fuelie headsbut I'd expect you to find an "E7TE" at the typical casting number location. I have been looking at the Ford 460 as a tow motor for my hot rod. 0L head. Sure, they have E7TE cast on them (not F7TE as the article title suggests), but I believe these are big block heads. The most common 429/460 head is the standard head found on non-Cobra Jet/Police Interceptor 429/260 engines. I am going to build a 460 for a truck to tow a heavy trailer and just wondering if the new heads are worth the effort. 500 to . Jul 13, 2009 · Head gaskets cost more than that. 0 t-5 notch 13. roller cam, stock crank/rods, Professional Products street balancer, Scat flexplate (all 50oz). Oct 28, 2013 · While its not an E7 head, it is a 125cc based head ('65 289 casting). ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 708") reach plug. All threads are checked and repaired if necessary. 5:1; Firing Order: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8; Industrial Application; Custom-Grind CL-13792-12 Howard’s Performance Camshaft and Lifter Set; Fitted w/ Oil Pan, Valve Covers, Intake Manifold, Water Pump, and Oct 14, 2021 · The 429/460 cylinder head flows generously right out of the box and, with good professional head porting, it makes a lot of power. 429/460 FORD, COBRA-JET, #D00E-R 75 Don't mind the oddball stuff or names. Interestingly these 125 cfm Exh numbers produced by these 302 cid are the same as what the non hi-po late model 460 cid heads flow so it's We sell New or Remanufactured Automotive Cylinder Heads for Ford. But I think I’m going to go back to the 23’s which are two ranges cooler. I also have the option to buy back at a reasonable price an EFI 460 with the E7TE heads that I rebuilt for a guy a few years back, very low miles. 380"-ish lift (if I remember right), and stock 289 heads don't flow as well as the later 5. ·. These heads have 75 to 77cc combustion chambers. They featured a 1. In both cases, Trick Flow Specialties TFS-5441T802-M83 - Trick Flow® PowerPort® A460 340 Cylinder Heads for Ford 429/460. 09" intake valve; The smaller valve in the E7TE heads leaves a bit to be desired in the power department, but proper porting and installation of the regular size intake valve (or bigger) can help substantially. This compares to just 166 cfm and 112 cfm (from port volumes of 127cc and 44cc). The only 100% positive way to tell if you have a 351M or 400 is to drop the oil pan and check the casting numbers on the crank. “Dave and Tiffani are professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Ford Cylinder Head E7TE 5. This obstruction on the roof of most post-1966 Ford Windsor heads is a huge impediment to exiting gasses. Made available in Lincoln Continentals, Ford Thunderbirds, and Ford F-Series trucks, the Ford big block was considered by many to be a reliable, long-lasting, heavy-duty, and powerful engine. 840-inch (intake) and 1. BBC, CASTING #781 (COUSINEAU) 1973 119. They are in the table and images to follow. 5L 8-460 Fits 88-92 FORD E350 VAN E7TE-BD. For example, there is also an E7TE big-block Ford cylinder head, with the revision identifier of “BD. or S. I suggest to never run a plug that is hotter than the manufacturers recommended rating for your particular engine irregardless of what cylinder heads you are running. The fuel line must not split before the carburetor to feed fuel to the front fuel bowl and the rear fuel bow. 00" intake valve; 1993 & up. Ford Racing M Ford Racing M 6049 Scj Cylinder Head Super Cobra Jet Bare Fits 429 460 Ci En. Blue Thunder Thor Gen I 10. 125" diameter intake valves). I rebuilt that motor mostly stock, . engines and trucks/vans got different heads (E7TE) than S. Ford E-460 Pro Stock 8. M. 98 of E7TE's), and the geometery of the exhaust ports was changed to increase velocity. Unbolt that from the heads and cut the blocks from the tube. Yet trucks and vans had E5TE heads. I. This change would both alter and damage the ford 460 history forever. The canted valves & round intake ports point to a other design. This picture of a typical stock exhaust port shows several important features: 1) Circled in yellow is the "Thermactor bump". I have a 1995 F350 4X4 with a 460 & 4 speed auto. Still, this didn’t keep the engine from having its uses. 98" valve size as I recall. Same factory intake and 2bbl carb. Unported bolted to these heads the intakes flow between 180 190 CFM depending Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 9, 2013. The gt 40's ported and polished made 270 hp at the rear wheels, the E7te's made 254hp fully ported and polished. Oem Rebuildable Cylinder Head 7. , had E6SE heads. 5 OHV EFI V8 TRUCK MARINE MOTORHOME FORD HEADS 429/460 and 351C/400M $0 Ford E7TE Heads - pair $50 (North UNM Area ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 8 V8. 190/1. 85 87 Ford - $299. It was also three heat ranges colder than stock but something about Ford 460 V8 C#E7TE F3TE FI Assembled Cylinder Head. HTS Sep 26, 2019 · It has 24’s in it now, which is one heat range cooler than stock. This. needed heads, picked up a pair at the junk yard to have rebuilt, 1988-92 F250 F350 460 Efi V8 Cylinder Heads Good Core Rebuilders E7te-6090-bd. $350. 429/460 Cylinder head casting #'s and. The FORD 351 NEW FULL. 95 as opposed to 2. 4 CC`s on the 429/460, and after 74 the 460 comcustion chamber was increased to 96. 48 at ~3000 lbs, typically in the low to mid 10. New TFS A-460 19 ford performance 460 "sportsman" wedge-style cylinder heads. Ford 460 7. 08-21-2013 08:17 PM. $220. Below is a chart that documents each step of my amature port work on the E7. The 1993–1996 GT-40 cylinder head (F3ZE-6049-AA) was used in the Mustang Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Cobra and Lightning F150 pickup. Fully ported the heads have similar max flow rates with the F3's edging out the E7's every where excepting . Dec 14, 2002 · E7TE - F3TE Heads. Ford C-460 12. $ 382. Sep 26, 2007 · E7TE head with a small 2. 6 exhausts blending the seats into the port bowl, skinnying the guide boss some and there you go flow up from about 155 at 0. 5 to 1 on pre '72 blocks. 8/7/03 New Dept added: Visual Aids. No Valve or Springs 1988-1997 Models: Econoline Super Duty, E Series Truck, F Series Truck, F Super Duty Engine Size: 460 7. 110– inch intake, and 2. Jan 11, 2003 · E7TE-F3TE 460 Heads The F3TE are 89. 5 to 1 to 10 to 1 on later blocks with increased deck height. The P heads are and show better power over the 40's. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. 010" inches, total. Still, there remained a need for smaller V-8s that were powerful and efficient. $699. Factory port volume was 127cc intake and 44cc on the exhaust side with an average air flow of Oct 25, 2012 · 460 E7TE Heads on an Engine that had F3TE Heads. 46" exhaust valve, with a combustion chamber size ranging between 60. m-6049-d35 Ford 460 cylinder heads $150 (Sutersville ) FORD 1987 5. SBC, MARINE CASTING #454, 327, MILLED 65 40. 00; JKRE Billet 5. 7/24/03 Backyard backcuts for your valves: Working the Angles added to the Features column. 750. Out 460 EFI Engine Swaps Turnkey 460’s From Mild to Monster Transmission Options and Conversion Parts 1988-1997 Stock Ford Truck Upgrades EGR Delete Kits / Upgraded Throttle Body Kits Other Products We Offer To Upgrade Your Ford Instruction Manuals Contact us This change would both alter and damage the ford 460 history forever. The E6s and F8s were cast as replacements for the D3s. Models: Econoline Super Duty, E Series Truck, F Series Truck, F Super Duty. I'm converting it over to FAST EFI from the factory EFI and need to put earlier heads on it so I can put a "carb" manifold on it. your last post mentioned fast burn chambers - thats chevy stuff. 5L OHV 2v V8; Iron Engine Block; Iron Cylinder Heads; Bore 4. 2. The E7TE is slightly bigger, but the later pistons are dished more, so the CR between the two motors should be the same. These heads will not accomodate an aftermarket aluminum intake that is designed to be used with the carbureted engines, as those cylinder heads are different. JEFFREY RAINWATER • TOYOTA 1JZ. Trick Flow Bbf - $1,199. BBC, R-PORT, CASTING #6272990 118 41. I dont have specifics for your head casting numbers, but the info I have says that after 71 the combustion chamber was increased to 91. Joined Jan 1, 2001 · 3,549 Posts . cortina219. efi460. 100" intake valve vs the 2" intake valve of the E7's. C8VE-A & E. 500 to about 190 with a similar increase on the exhaust. Engine Size: 460 7. First year of 385 series engine. Jan 01, 2021 · the E6 heads stayed on the EFI 5. 535 lift, @ . They are D3VE-A2A's. E7TE-BD – 1987-1995, 429/460 Big-Block Ford, 2 Jul 06, 2007 · EFI 460's have either E7TE cylinder head castings or F3TE's. performer intake $100. I believe the tube is called the thermactor tube. 7-98. (With the intake side facing you) the number 1 between the right side valves, the circle of numbers at the bottom left side the 7 is at the dot, and 8J13to its right. Add to this the sustained high rpm use of that engine in a jet boat application, and then the heads and the EFI intake work together to strangle top end power. e7te heads 460